“Woody” :GC RW, GP RW Lovlion’s Wood So Wood Not

Woody was our little pal… He was a puppy in cat’s clothing. He was just a few places shy of being a national winning kitten, and was a Double Regional Winner. He won best kitten in show in about half of his shows, and got his second Regional Win in only 4 shows.

He had a bit of a wacky personality, and not only knew his name, but came whenever called, and absolutely loved giving kisses.

Woody came from our good friend Sylvia Love, of LovLions cattery.

We miss you! We hope you finally found the birds you were looking for.


  • Diane Seeger says:

    Beautiful boy!!!

  • Elaine Zernack says:

    Gorgeous!!! And I love Kiki too!

  • Anna Nazzaro says:

    Very nice boy. I can only hope that some day I breed cats as nice as yours!

  • Jason Lamberson says:

    Nice looking boy!

  • Mandy Takach says:

    What a good looking boy!

  • Any Anauo says:

    Cute kitties! I love tabbies!

  • airer Bisom says:

    What an amazing looking boy!

  • June Voiles says:

    I really enjoyed looking at your web-site. I can’t wait to own one of your kitties!

  • Any McCoon says:

    You have amazing cats! But Woody is my favorite!

  • Nancy Grooben says:

    I remember seeing Woody at a show once when you just started… What a handsome little guy!

  • Bradley Fadyen says:

    Gorgeous cat!

  • Gene Gunter says:

    Nice looking cat.

  • Shizue Dipolito says:

    Very pretty boy!

  • Vance Overstrom says:

    Nice site and gorgeous cats!

  • Enrique Sveum says:

    Beutiful boy!

  • Fredericka Bednarowicz says:

    Nice looking cat!

  • Isaias Kurban says:

    All of your cats are beutiful but Woody is my favorite!

  • Samual Starek says:

    Gorgeous boy!

  • Helen Hudkins says:

    Nice looking boy!

  • Jordan Canada says:

    Woody is just so beautiful!

  • Eileen Barnes says:

    You have very nice cats!

  • Deska Merbau says:

    Precious, just precious!

  • Klej Do Parkietu says:

    Very nice cat!

  • Seymour Elhassan says:

    Very nice boy… Congrats to you and his breeder.

  • Reyes Dears says:

    You have very nice kitties 🙂

  • Monika Michaels says:

    Precious animals!

  • Ivory Ngueyn says:

    Woody is just precious!

  • Adam Quigly says:

    Very nice tabby.

  • James Walton says:

    What a good looking cat!

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