“Muffin”: GC, RW Persipals That’s Blow Torch of A Kitkat


  • Ariel Arriano says:

    Go Muffin! Congratulations on such a wonderful litter!

  • Adam Wright says:

    Congratulations to Muffin and you! She is a little sweetheart!

  • Brian Toolan says:

    Muffin is the best kitten on your site!

  • Brittny Vannoy says:

    I like this girl very much!

  • Eduardo Behrns says:

    You have gorgeous cats! Muffin is just beautiful! Can’t wait to see her adult pictures!

  • Randa Hutson says:

    There are not many torties anymore, Muffin is simply stunning!

  • Giselle Dustman says:

    Congratulations to Muffin! She is beautiful!

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