“Bubbles” : GC Blue Djinn’s Bubblicious Bubbling B of Persipals – Retired

Bubbles was my first show cat. She has a national color win. Bubbles is now retired and lives with my mom.

Thanks to Chris and Judy for this girl.


  • Alis says:

    Wow, what a lovely Blue Cream. Gorgeous. 🙂

  • Alis says:

    Your kitties are SO cute!

  • Cat Lover says:

    Bubbles is my favorite out of all your cats! She is so cute!

  • Lauren Sharpe says:

    You have gorgeous cats!

  • Quincy Dublin says:

    I love blue-cream Persians. Bubbles is just darling!

  • Maud Vaneekelen says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful cats… Bubbles is my favorite.

  • King Mitchen says:


  • Odette Coffel says:

    Very pretty girl you have here. All your cats are gorgeous, but this one I like best.

  • Alphonso Kimbal says:

    Well done, Bubbles!

  • Lamont Bretl says:

    What a nice cat, congratulations on the wins!

  • John Stefen says:

    I really enjoyed the tour of Persipals. You have such lovely cats! I do like blue-creams and Bubbles is one of the best blue-creams I’ve seen!

  • Paula Raucci says:

    Blue-creams are my favorite!!!

  • Aman Parco says:

    What a pretty girl.

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