About Our Kittens

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At Persipals, we pride ourselves on having very sweet, loving hand-raised kittens.  Our little fuzzballs will give you a lifetime of love and companionship.  Our lines are specifically chosen for their good-natured demeanor… Our friends often refer to our cats as “boneless cats” because they just let you do whatever you want with them.  They’re not a typical “wild” cat (although the Torties and reds can have more personality than most!), more likely to want to sit quiety by your side all day.


“Mr. Red” : GC Persipals Caught Red Handed of Edner

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Mr. Red is one of the first generation of kittens exclusively out of Persipals lines. His mother, Sparky (GC RW Purrty Katz Sparks Fly of Persipals) and his father, Jet (GC Steeplechase Jet Set of Persipals) are two kitties that make up the cornerstone of Persipals Cattery. Mr. Red granded at the Palm Springs show in October, 2011. He is the second cat to grand from Jet’s first litter.

“Sparky” : GRC, RW PurrtyKatz Sparks Fly of Persipals DM – Retired

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When you see her long beautiful coat, you might think Sparky comes from the great white north!  Well, you wouldn’t be too far off, as she comes to us all the way from Canada! We’ll never forget the ordeal we had to go through to get Sparky through crazy blizzards and customs and safely to her new home (just ask Brian)!

Sparky has a wonderful patient, loving and dedicated personality – and excellent type. With her tiny ears, short cobby body, and tons of coat… we couldn’t ask for more!

Thanks to Brian from PurrtyKatz for allowing Sparky to join Persipals!

Sparky is a Double Regional Winner, as a kitten and an adult, as well as a Grand Champion.  She’s also the jewel of our breeding program! Sparky achieved her Distinguished Merit status in May 2014. We are very proud of this girl!

Sparky is now retired and will forever be our cherished pet!